AJCR Volume 08 No. 2, 2008

Jannie Malan and Dorcas Onigbinde

Alienation and Militancy in the Niger Delta: Hostage Taking and the Dilemma of the Nigerian State
Ibaba S. Ibaba

Environmental Degradation, Livelihood and Conflicts: A Focus on the Implications of the Diminishing Water Resources of Lake Chad for North-Eastern Nigeria
Freedom C. Onuoha

African Ruling Political Parties and the Making of ‘Authoritarian’ Democracies: Extending the Frontiers of Social Justice in Nigeria
Sulaiman B. Kura

Where does Islamic Arbitration fit into the Judicially Recognised Ingredients of Customary Arbitration in the Nigerian Jurisprudence?
Oluwafemi A. Ladapo

Book Review

‘Gulliver’s Troubles: Nigeria’s Foreign Policy after the Cold War’
Garth le Pere

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