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Gounden contributes to SA Government scenarios 2025 process

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On the 23rd of September 2008 the Founder and Executive Director of ACCORD, Vasu Gounden, was invited to attend the launch of the South Africa Government Scenarios 2025, which was held in Pretoria.
Mr. Gounden has attended and participated in a number of scenario planning workshops hosted by the South African Government.

In 2002-03 The Presidency embarked on a scenarios building exercise to develop a range of medium term possible futures. Four scenarios were created after a process of consultation and research, which were presented in a document entitled “Memories of the future – South Africa Scenarios 2014”. The four scenarios represented four time paths, each with its specific internal dynamics. In 2006 The Presidency initiated a process to review the 2014 Scenarios. Vasu Gounden was interviewed as part of this process. The process also put in place a 2019 scenario building process to help government assess the environment which will mark South Africa’s 25 years of freedom. In February 2007 a workshop was held to present a report on interviews conducted with about 100 leaders and experts on the key challenges Government and South African society will be facing in 2019. Therefore the launch of the 2025 scenario forms part of this ongoing process.

In 1997 Vasu Gounden was appointed to the South African Government’s Future Challenges Commission to assess South Africa's technological needs in the future. Mr. Gounden has an active interest in future trends and has presented on this topic in many forums, both locally and internationally.