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Exploratory Dialogue Forum for Northern Sudanese Civil Society Organisations

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ACCORD's Executive Director was a resource person at the 'Exploratory Dialogue Forum for Northern Sudanese Civil Society Organisations' workshop hosted by ACCORD in Pretoria from 26-28 October 2009.

The workshop aimed to i) explore mechanisms of interaction and areas of synergy between civil society organisations from Northern Sudan and ACCORD; ii) to gain a better understanding of North Sudanese civil society’s perception on the situation in Sudan and their suggestions of what ACCORD could do to contribute towards a peace process; iii) to explore and understand the grassroots based dialogue processes that have been taking place in Northern Sudan, their impact and how ACCORD could contribute towards them; and iv) to enhance ACCORD’s understanding of issues, actors and facilitators of peacemaking interventions in the various regions of Sudan, with a view to informing ACCORD’s possible activities in Sudan and networking partners.