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ACCORD attends IEC 2009 elections briefing

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Shauna Mottiar researcher at ACCORD’s Knowledge Production Department attended the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) 2009 elections briefing. The briefing was held in Pretoria on the 21st of January. Its objectives were to update civil society on the IEC’s election preparations as well as to explore how faith based and non governmental organizations can partner with the IEC to uphold the constitutional principles inherent in the electoral process and encourage the communities in which they work to do the same.

In her address IEC chairperson Brigalia Bam noted that the main objectives for the IEC during the current election phase are developing democracy, carrying out voter education, managing and observing the election process, and peace building and conflict management. With regards peace building and conflict management, Dr Bam pointed out that civil society played a significant role to ensure that the election process was carried out successfully, despite the violence and conflict associated with the 1994 election period.