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ACCORD train SA foreign service cadets

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The Founder and Executive Director of ACCORD, Vasu Gounden, along with Karishma Rajoo, the Manager of ACCORD’s Operations Division, were invited to conduct a negotiations skills conflict management training from 1-3 September, as part of the training curriculum for South Africa’s foreign service cadets.

The training gave ACCORD an opportunity to pilot its revised materials that have been specifically developed for diplomats, and which is designed to assist them to be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and procedures of negotiation; demonstrate negotiation skills in practice; advocate conflict resolution; record the outcome of negotiations/conflict resolutions in an agreed format; review negotiation/conflict resolution outcomes and modify their own approach based there on; and to assess political, social and/or cultural barriers in negotiation and conflict resolution.
ACCORD has conducted training at the Foreign Service Training Institute since 1995.