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AJCR Volume 02 No. 1, 2001

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Author: Malan, Jannie

Engendering peace in Afric : a critical inquiry into some current thinking on the role of African women in peace-building
Author: Vincent, Louise

On ethnicity and ethnic conflict management in Nigeria
Authors: Leith, Rian & Solomon, Hussein

Brothers at War? Reflections on an internecine conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea
Author: Gwexe, Sandile G.

Peace building and transformation from below: indigenous approaches to conflict resolution and reconciliation among the pastoral societies in the borderlands of Eastern Africa
Author: Osamba, Josiah

Risk assessment: Democratic Republic of Congo Post-Laurent Kabila
Author: Louw, Lirette

Book reviews

Consolidation of Democracy in Africa: A View from the South. By Hussein Solomon and Ian Liebenberg, (eds.)
Author: Ngubane, Senzo

No-Party Democracy in Uganda, Myths and Realities. By Justus Mugaju and Oloka-Onyango (eds.)
Author: Ngubane, Senzo

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