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AJCR Volume 09 No. 1, 2009

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Shauna Mottiar, Angela Ndinga-Muvumba and Jannie Malan

Resolving African crises: Leadership role for African States and the African Union in Darfur
Kelechi A. Kalu

The end of humanitarian intervention: Evaluation of the African Union’s right of intervention
Dan Kuwali

Strategic culture of the Southern African Development Community: Militarised pathways to security?
Francois Vreÿ

The spirit of the National Peace Accord: The past and future of conflict resolution in South Africa
Deji Olukotun

Assessing South Africa’s strategic options of soft power application through civic interest groups
Yazini Funeka April

Book review

Peace and conflict in Africa
Reviewed by Karanja Mbugua

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