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AJCR Volume 07 No. 2, 2007

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Jannie Malan

Identity and Peace: Reconfiguring Conflict Resolution in Africa
Gerard Hagg and Peter Kagwanja

Tunnel Vision or Kaleidoscope: Competing Concepts on Sudan Identity and National Integration
Atta El-Battahani

Identity Politics, Democratisation and State Building in Ethiopia’s Federal Arrangement
Kidane Mengisteab

Cultural Diversity and the Somali Conflict: Myth or Reality?
Abdulahi A. Osman

Political Management of Ethnic Perceptions: An Assessment of the African National Congress
Mcebisi Ndletyana

Ethnic Diversity and Conflict in Nigeria: Lessons from the Niger Delta Crisis
Wilson Akpan

Cultural Diversity in Conflict and Peace Making in Africa
Molem C. Sama

The Political Role of the Ethnic Factor around Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hubert Kabungulu Ngoy-Kangoy

Identity and Cultural Diversity in Conflict Resolution and Democratisation for the African Renaissance: The Case of Burundi
Philippe Ntahombaye and Gaspard Nduwayo

‘Echoing Silences’: Ethnicity in post-colonial Zimbabwe, 1980-2007
James Muzondidya and Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni

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