Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and International Politics Seminar, Finland

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Vasu Gounden, the Founder and Executive Director of ACCORD was invited to speak at the above one day seminar hosted by the Government of Finland and the Finnish Forum for Mediation in Helsinki on 15 October 2009. The aim of the seminar was to make mediation better known as an instrument in international diplomacy, and to analyse its potential. The seminar included diplomats and scholars in political science and international relations.

UN DPKO & ACCORD working together on UN Civil Affairs Handbook

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The TfP programme at ACCORD is assisting the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) with the development of a Civil Affairs Handbook. Civil Affairs is one of the largest civilian components in UN peacekeeping, with around 500 staff members currently deployed in the field to facilitate the implementation of peacekeeping mandates at the sub-national level.

ACCORD meets former DIFID Southern Africa conflict advisor

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On 07 October 2009 ACCORD's Executive Director, Vasu Gounden, met with Jeremy Astill-Brown, the former DIFID Southern Africa conflict advisor. Mr. Astill-Brown interviewed Mr. Gounden as part of a study that he was undertaking for DFID to help them identify if a development programme like DFID South Africa should have a peace and security dimension and if so why and how.

Gounden invited to ICCO International Conference in The Netherlands

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In late 2008 Vasu Gounden, the Founder and Executive Director of ACCORD, was appointed onto the ICCO’s International Advisory Council. He was therefore invited to participate in an International Working Conference hosted by ICCO from 14 to 18 September 2009. The purpose of the conference was to finalize and conclude the process of dialogue of the key stakeholders regarding the preparation of ICCO’s strategic plan for 2011- 2015. The conference was find out whether there was common ground to make a shift to decentralised cooperation with Southern partners and how this transition process should be planned, taking into account that co-responsibility should be one of the key elements of the new organisation.

TfP/ACCORD participate in SADC standby force field training exercise after action review workshop

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TfP/ACCORD participated in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Standby Force (SSF) Field Training Exercise (FTX) After Action Review (AAR) Workshop hosted by the SADC Regional Peacekeeping Training Centre (RPTC) from 11-14 October 2009 at the centre in Harare, Zimbabwe. The AAR aimed to take stock of the whole exercise to identify challenges experienced and lessons learned to inform the ongoing development of the SSF.

KPD hosts Peace Agreements Workshop in Durban

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On the 14th and 15th of September 2009, ACCORD’s Knowledge Production Department (KPD) hosted a peace agreements workshop at the Royal Palm Conference Centre in Durban. The aim of the workshop was to examine the democratization and developmental components of African peace agreements in the light of objectives for durable peace.