AJCR Volume 09 No. 2, 2009

Helen Scanlon

Gender and transitional justice in Africa: Progress and prospects
Helen Scanlon and Kelli Muddell

Should we give up on the State? Feminist theory, African gender history and transitional justice
Pamela Scully

AJCR Volume 09 No. 1, 2009

Shauna Mottiar, Angela Ndinga-Muvumba and Jannie Malan

Resolving African crises: Leadership role for African States and the African Union in Darfur
Kelechi A. Kalu

The end of humanitarian intervention: Evaluation of the African Union’s right of intervention
Dan Kuwali

AJCR Volume 08 No. 3, 2008

Jannie Malan

Exhuming Trends in Ethnic Conflict and Cooperation in Africa: Some selected states
Jude Cocodia

Nation Building in Zimbabwe and the Challenges of Ndebele Particularism
Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni

AJCR Volume 08 No. 1, 2008

Jannie Malan

The Nexus between Social Capital and Reintegration of Ex-combatants: A Case for Sierra Leone
Jonah Leff

The Impact of Value-Orientations on Cross-cultural Encounters and Mediation: A Survey in Tanzania’s Educational System
Claude-Hélène Mayer, Christian Boness and Lynette Louw

AJCR Volume 08 No. 2, 2008

Jannie Malan and Dorcas Onigbinde

Alienation and Militancy in the Niger Delta: Hostage Taking and the Dilemma of the Nigerian State
Ibaba S. Ibaba

Environmental Degradation, Livelihood and Conflicts: A Focus on the Implications of the Diminishing Water Resources of Lake Chad for North-Eastern Nigeria
Freedom C. Onuoha

AJCR Volume 07 No. 2, 2007

Jannie Malan

Identity and Peace: Reconfiguring Conflict Resolution in Africa
Gerard Hagg and Peter Kagwanja

Tunnel Vision or Kaleidoscope: Competing Concepts on Sudan Identity and National Integration
Atta El-Battahani

AJCR Volume 07 No. 1, 2007

Richard Kamidza and Jannie Malan

The Case against Taylor’s Asylum: A Review of Nigeria’s Domestic and International Legal Obligations
Mba Chidi Nmaju

Taking Stock of the First Arrest Warrants of the International Criminal Court
Phillip Apuuli Kasaija

AJCR Volume 06 No. 2, 2006

Jannie Malan and Richard Kamidza

African Approaches to Building Peace and Social Solidarity
Tim Murithi

Can a Fledgling Democracy take Flight in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?
Mark Anstey

AJCR Volume 06 No. 1, 2006

Jannie Malan

Third-Party Intervention in the Mbindia Enthronement Conflict: Containment or Transformation?
Fonkem Achankeng I

Women and Peace-building in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: An assessment of their role in the Inter-Congolese Dialogue
Shelly Whitman

AJCR Volume 05 No. 2, 2005

Jannie Malan

Civil Wars and Lootings in the Congo: How the poor pay the bill
Guillaume Iyenda

Amnesty and International Law: The case of the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgents in Northern Uganda
Kasaija Phillip Apuuli