Somalia Initiative

ACCORD's engagement with Somalia started in 1995 at the early start of destabilising effect of lacking a central government. Through the Somalia Initiative the organisation deployed a presence in the country in February 2013 to initiate its contribution to the country's reconstruction.

The Federal Government of Somalia is a culmination of many years of effort by Somalis and international community to find a solution towards stabilising the country. The new government faces a number of challenges including facilitating and environment of: safety, reconciliation, economic recovery, governance, rule of law and friendly regional relations. These challenges are underpinned in the government's Six Pillar Policy on reconstruction. The SI intends to make contributions in these areas by leveraging ACCORD's two decades of experience in institution building and capacity building.

Over the years ACCORD has built solid relationships with Somali interlocutors at various levels of engagement in the peace processes that sought to stabilise the country. Through consultations, field missions, publications, study tours, facilitated dialogue session and support to international response the organisation has developed a unique understanding of issues, processes and peace initiatives.

The Somalia Initiative brings to bear ACCORD's expertise in: peace-making, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. The initiative will use the presence in Somalia to ensure on-going engagement with Somali interlocutors and role players. Through partnerships and collaboration the initiative will undertake continuous research activities, support policy development, advocate for dialogue and problem solving as well as contribute in capacity building.

Through engagement with government and civil society the Somalia Initiative is focusing on: contributing in capacity building, providing technical assistance and project management.

  • Contributions in capacity building are inclusive of activities aimed at building the institutional capacity of government functionaries dealing with the reconstruction of Somalia. Capacity building also focusses on supporting efforts of civil society and other engaged role players.
  • Technical assistance refers to ACCORD providing specialised expertise in initiating and supporting comprehensive and sustainable governance: strategy, policy and processes development.
  • Project management interventions are ACCORD's efforts to source resources to undertake quick impact projects that support reconstruction. Project management of such projects is anchored on supporting local ownership through partnerships and collaboration.

The ACCORD presence in Mogadishu facilitates building of relationships with Somali stake holders and role players. This places the organisation in a position to make informed decisions regarding partnerships, initiatives and support interventions. The Somalia Initiative places high importance in working with and through local role players in partnership with international initiatives in determining the content, direction and pace of its contributions to the reconstruction in Somalia.

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Peacebuilding in Africa: evolving challenges, responses and new thinking

From the 23th to the 25th of February 2015, the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) was represented at a conference hosted by Wilton Park in the United Kingdom, organized under the theme of 'Peacebuilding in Africa:...

12-03-2015 in Peacebuilding

Advancing an African peacebuilding agenda

From the 11th to the 12th of February 2015, the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) was represented at a conference hosted by the Institute of Security Studies in Pretoria, South Africa, organized under the theme of...

20-02-2015 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD hosts dialogue on peacebuilding in South Sudan

As part of a continued effort towards peace in South Sudan, ACCORD convened the "South Sudan Peacebuilding Dialogue and Reflection Seminar" in Juba, South Sudan from 2-3 December 2014. This was a follow-on workshop from the South Sudan study tour,...

09-02-2015 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD facilitates enhancement of peacebuilding in South Sudan

ACCORD is firmly dedicated to the enhancement of peacebuilding in South Sudan. As Africa's newest countries decides on how to move the country forward, the debates of truth versus justice have become popular elements in society. Issues such as the...

11-11-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD participates in UNDP experts consultation to critically review reconciliation as a mechanism for conflict prevention and peacebuilding

From 2 to 4 September 2014, the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD), was represented in the Experts Consultation on Reconciliation as a Mechanism for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding, hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)...

17-09-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD at validation workshop on Draft African Transitional Justice Policy Framework

On 18 and 19 August 2014, the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) was represented at a validation workshop on the Draft African Transitional Justice Policy Framework (ATJPF) held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The workshop was the...

17-09-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD partners with UN Peacebuilding Fund for workshop on Political Nature of Peacebuilding

The United Nations (UN) Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) and the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) field staff have been seeking to develop coherence between one another, and to enhance their relationships with other institutions, especially ACCORD and the governments of PBF...

28-08-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD trains key Liberian peacebuilding actors in peacebuilding skills and project management

ACCORD is firmly involved in the peacebuilding and reconciliation process in Liberia through supporting local actors and building the capacity of implementing partners of the Reconciliation Roadmap. The most recent training, done in collaboration by the Peacebuilding Unit and Training...

03-07-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD’s Peacebuilding Unit conduct research trip to better understand dynamics at play in South Sudan

In order to be relevant and contextualised to a changing environment, the Peacebuilding Unit at ACCORD conducted a research trip to Juba, South Sudan. Through meeting with peacebuilding partners and other actors on the ground, the Unit has deepened its...

18-06-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD and partners in Great Lakes Project attract accolades from AU Special Envoy to the Great Lakes and North Kivu…

The ACCORD Great Lakes Project (GLP), in collaboration with the DRC National Coordination Office of the International Conference on the Great Lakes (ICGLR), has conducted a Regional Peacebuilding Training in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

04-06-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD collaborate to develop peacebuilding computer game to enhance training

In order to raise awareness about long-term peacebuilding processes, simulate dynamic conflict environments in order to learn about the effects of policies or interventions, and to simulate adaptive decision-making, the Peacebuilding Unit at ACCORD is part of a consortium of...

21-05-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD attend workshop to strengthen institutional capacities for building gender equality

In order to strengthen the institutional and organisational capacity for building peace, security, and gender equality across Africa, ACCORD attended a workshop hosted by the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR). The workshop created a space for participants to gain a...

20-05-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD supports South-South Cooperation

To support South-South cooperation in overcoming the challenges faced by fragile and conflict-afflicted states, ACCORD has been in continual support of the g7+. Strengthening the capacities for building resilience in countries currently on lower levels of a fragility spectrum is...

19-05-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD partners with Liberian Peacebuilding Office to implement Peace and Reconciliation Roadmap

Accelerating the implementation of Liberia's National Peace and Reconciliation Roadmap, and building the capacity of implementing partners, is critical to ensuring the sustainability peacebuilding programmes as donor funding elapses. In order to establish concrete next steps for the implementation of...

09-05-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD supports development of increased coherence within peacebuilding policy community

Over the past years, a series of international, regional and national peacebuilding related policy processes have been initiated by the international peacebuilding community, and together these initiatives have generated a common space where several layers of actors working with peacebuilding...

27-03-2014 in Peacebuilding

Latest ACCORD Policy & Practice Brief provides recommendations for external peacebuilders on contributing to resilience

Entitled Creating an enabling peacebuilding environment: How can external actors contribute to resilience?, the latest Policy & Practice Brief (PPB) published by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) focuses on how external peacebuilding actors can contribute...

27-03-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD support sustainability of peacebuilding projects in final African Peacebuilding Coordination Network Training in Juba

ACCORD's Peacebuilding Unit concluded its third African Peacebuilding Coordination Network (APCN) training in Juba, South Sudan. The training was a follow up to 20 peacebuilding projects that were developed by peacebuilding stakeholders during the first and second trainings that the...

27-02-2014 in Peacebuilding

ACCORD supports development of peacebuilding projects in post-conflict countries

ACCORD's provided support to the development of peacebuilding projects with 18 represented participants from four focus countries- Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and South Sudan- through a 5-day training held in Bujumbura, Burundi from 2-6 September 2013. This...

13-09-2013 in Peacebuilding