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    Conflict Trends 2006/4

     1 Oct 2006
    By Vasu Gounden
    Democratisation and Ethnic Tensions in Nigeria
    The Kogi State Experience
    By J. Shola Omotola
    The Challenges of Leadership in Post-Conflict Transitions
    Lessons from Africa
    By Gilbert M. Khadiagala & Terrence Lyons
    Development and Security in Africa
    Unpacking the Connection
    By Martha Mutisi & Peter Tendaiwo Maregere
    Parliaments and Leadership
    Breaking New Ground
    By Jeff Balch
    Economic Reintegration of Ex-Combatants
    By Daniel Vencovsky
    Steps Towards Peace
    Burundi’s 2006 Ceasefire Agreement
    By Samantha Kerr
    Diplomatic Initiatives and Peace in the DRC
    By Umba Dindelo
    Developing African Leaders
    Uganda’s Unique Education System
    By Paul Nantulya
    Situation Reports
    Central African Republic
    By Godfrey G. Mukalazi
    By Martha Bakwesegha & Anastácio Chembeze
    By Emmerentia Erasmus
    By Daniel Vencovsky
    The Republic of Congo
    By Godfrey G. Mukalazi
    Book Review
    Reviewed by Karanja Mbugua
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    • Nigeria
    • DRC
    • Burundi
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