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    Conflict Trends 2014/4

     20 Dec 2014
    By Vasu Gounden
    Beheadings and the News Media
    Why Some Conflict Atrocities Receive More Coverage than Others
    By Virgil Hawkins
    Conflict Resolution in the Central African Republic
    What Role for Civil Society?
    By David Kode
    Maritime Security in Africa
    Potential for the Private Sector?
    By Dirk Siebels
    African Union Panel of the Wise
    By Elizabeth Buhungiro
    COMESA’s Committee of Elders
    By Temitope Edward Akinyemi
    Arms, Wildlife and Disease
    The Need for Integrated Responses to Complex Transnational Challenges
    By Shannon Dick
    The MONUSCO Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    Opportunities and Challenges
    By Frederik RosénJohn Karlsrud
    The Peacebuilding Potential of Islam
    A Response to the Boko Haram Crisis
    By Sunday Paul Chinazo Onwuegbuchulam, Ayo WhethoKhondlo Mtshali
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