AJCR Volume 01 No. 1, 1999

Author: Malan, J.

Traditions of conflict resolution in South Africa
Author: Choudree, R.B.G.

Grappling with the past : the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa
Author: Hay, M.

Southern Africa in water crisis - a case study of the Pangara River water shortage, 1987-1996: towards a resource-based conflict management and resolution perpective
Author: Rupiya, M.R.

Civil control over the security institutions in South Africa: suggestions for the future and notes on replicating the experience in Africa
Authors: Liebenberg, I.; Schutte, C. & Minnaar, A.

Prospects for African conflict resolution in the next millenium: South Africa's view
Authors: Gwexe, S.G.

Book reviews

Conflict and resolution: peace-building through the ballot box in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Cambodia, A. Griffith
Author: Malan, J.

Constructive conflicts : from escalation to resolution, L. Kriesberg : book review
Author: Malan, J.

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