AJCR Volume 12 No. 3, 2012

Jannie Malan

Structural violence and the struggle for state power in Rwanda: What Arusha got wrong
Andy Storey

Building trust and playing hardball: Contrasting negotiating styles in South Africa's transition to democracy
Barry M. Shapiro

Peacekeeping operations and adjustment of soldiers in Sudan: Peace in the minds and hearts of soldiers?
René Koopman and Gideon A.J. van Dyk

Longing for home: Pre-genocide and post-genocide refugees in Rwanda
Cori Wielenga

A humanistic approach to divorce and family mediation in the South African context: A comparative study of Western-style mediation and African humanistic mediation
Amanda E. Boniface

Citation patterns in Peace and Conflict Studies: A case study of the African Journal on Conflict Resolution
Oluchi O. Okere and Joseph Kehinde Fasae

Book Review

Community of insecurity: SADC's struggle for peace and security in Southern Africa
Reviewed by Marie-Christine Schwager

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