AJCR Volume 09 No. 2, 2009

Helen Scanlon

Gender and transitional justice in Africa: Progress and prospects
Helen Scanlon and Kelli Muddell

Should we give up on the State? Feminist theory, African gender history and transitional justice
Pamela Scully

Truth commissions and gender: A South African case study
Ayumi Kusafuka

Addressing gender-based violence in the Sierra Leone conflict: Notes from the field
Lotta Teale

Views from the field

Truth seeking and gender: The Liberian experience
Anu Pillay

‘Gendered truth’? Legacies of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Sheila Meintjes

What transitional justice in Zimbabwe? Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) prepares for popular participation
Mary Ndlovu

Transitional justice and gender in Uganda: Making peace, failing women during the peace negotiation process
Harriet Nabukeera-Musoke

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