AJCR Volume 14 No. 1, 2014

AJCR Volume 13 No. 3, 2013

Foreword by the guest editor
Johannes (Jannie) Botes

From going between to working together: Learning from structures and attitudes in South Africa's transition
Jannie Malan

Linking poverty and violence: The South African scenario
Ampie Muller

Violence as a form of communication: Making sense of violence in South Africa
Hugo van der Merwe

Mediation and conflict resolution in South and Southern Africa: A personal account of the past 30 years
Charles Nupen

Public participation as participatory conflict resolution: Shortcomings and best practices at the local level in South Africa
Sifiso Mbuyisa

Tributes to H.W. van der Merwe Hendrik W. van der Merwe (1929–2001)
Louis Kriesberg

A tribute to H.W. van der Merwe: Peace builder, colleague, and friend
Ampie Muller

The mediator's moral dilemma: An essay in memory of H.W. van der Merwe
Andries Odendaal

A just peace agreement, or just a peace agreement: Reflections on the work of H.W. van der Merwe
Vasu Gounden

'Sowing, cultivating, harvesting and spreading the seeds of peace': In honour of H.W. van der Merwe
Valerie Dovey

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AJCR Volume 13 No. 2, 2013

Jannie Malan

Conflict and conflict resolution in Africa: Engaging the colonial factor
Fonkem Achankeng I

Interethnic conflict in Jonglei State, South Sudan: Emerging ethnic hatred between the Lou Nuer and the Murle
Yuki Yoshida

Peace at last? Appraisal of the Addis Ababa Peace and Security Cooperation Framework and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2098 for the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sadiki Koko

Fragility and the State: Post-apartheid South Africa and the State-Society Contract in the 21st Century
Lesley Connolly

Strengthening ethical political leadership for sustainable peace and social justice in Africa: Uganda as a case study
Evelyn Mayanja

Book review

Civil Wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1960-2010
Reviewed by Martha Mutisi

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AJCR Volume 13 No. 1, 2013

Jannie Malan

The reintegrating role that can be played by a traditional conflict- resolving mechanism in the eastern Hararghe zone of Oromiya regional state, Ethiopia
Nigusie Angessa

Exploring Gumaa as an indispensable psycho-social method of conflict resolution and justice administration
Tamene Keneni

Complex conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Good governance a prerequisite of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) peacebuilding
Mary McCartin

Reconciliation, conciliation, integration and national healing: Possibilities and challenges in Zimbabwe
Oswell Hapanyengwi-Chemhuru

Voting and violence in KwaZulu-Natal's no-go areas: Coercive mobilisation and territorial control in post-conflict elections
Maria Schuld

Book review

Polarization and transformation in Zimbabwe: Social movements, strategy dilemmas and change
Reviewed by Lesley Connolly

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AJCR Volume 12 No. 3, 2012

Jannie Malan

Structural violence and the struggle for state power in Rwanda: What Arusha got wrong
Andy Storey

Building trust and playing hardball: Contrasting negotiating styles in South Africa's transition to democracy
Barry M. Shapiro

Peacekeeping operations and adjustment of soldiers in Sudan: Peace in the minds and hearts of soldiers?
René Koopman and Gideon A.J. van Dyk

Longing for home: Pre-genocide and post-genocide refugees in Rwanda
Cori Wielenga

A humanistic approach to divorce and family mediation in the South African context: A comparative study of Western-style mediation and African humanistic mediation
Amanda E. Boniface

Citation patterns in Peace and Conflict Studies: A case study of the African Journal on Conflict Resolution
Oluchi O. Okere and Joseph Kehinde Fasae

Book Review

Community of insecurity: SADC's struggle for peace and security in Southern Africa
Reviewed by Marie-Christine Schwager

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AJCR Volume 12 No. 2, 2012

Jannie Malan

The quest for Pax Africana: The case of the African Union's peace and security regime
Solomon A. Dersso

The African Union and the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD): Restoring a relationship challenged?
Chris Landsberg

The African Union's diplomacy of the diaspora: Context, challenges and prospects
Makumi Mwagiru

Between reactive and proactive interventionism: The African Union Peace and Security Council's engagement in the Horn of Africa
Tim Murithi

The African Union Peace and Security mechanism's crawl from design to reality: Was the Libyan crisis a depiction of severe limitations?
Anyway Sithole

The African Union's notion of 'African solutions to African problems' and the crises in Côte d'Ivoire (2010–2011) and Libya (2011)
Kasaija Phillip Apuuli

A review of the African Union's experience in facilitating peaceful power transfers: Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Libya and Sudan: Are there prospects for reform?
Martin Rupiya

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AJCR Volume 12 No. 1, 2012

Jannie Malan

Hegemonic agendas, intermesticity and conflicts in the post-colonial state
Ademola Araoye

Communal conflict, civil war, and the state: Complexities, connections, and the case of Sudan
Johan Brosché and Emma Elfversson

The challenges of preventive diplomacy: The United Nations' post-Cold War experiences in Africa
J. Ododa Opiyo

Conflict over land ownership: The case of farmers and cattle graziers in the north west region of Cameroon
Patience Munge Sone

Religious violence in Nigeria: Causal diagnoses and strategic recommendations to the state and religious communities
Isaac Terwase Sampson

Book Review

Mediation in political conflicts – Soft power or counter culture?
Reviewed by Leonard Suransky

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AJCR Volume 11 No. 3, 2011

Jannie Malan

The historic contribution of the United Nations to the resolution of conflicts in Southern Africa
Mpfariseni Budeli and André Mbata Mangu

Recent trends in peacekeeping operations run by regional organisations and the resulting interplay with the United Nations system
Andrea de Guttry

Peace agreements and the termination of civil wars: Lessons from Liberia
George Klay Kieh, Jr

Conflict and environmental insecurity in the North Kivuprovince of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sadiki Koko

Horizons of peace and development in northern Uganda
Robert Senath Esuruku

Labour arbitration effectiveness in Zimbabwe: Fact or fiction?
Pharaoh Maitireyi and Richard Duve

Book Reviews

Walk with us and listen: Political reconciliation in Africa
Reviewed by Allard Duursma

Guarding the guardians: Civil-military relations and democratic governance in Africa
Reviewed by Jannie Malan

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