Conflict Trends 2007/2


Leadership in Africa

"This issue of Conflict Trends focuses on leadership in Africa, since leadership is one of the many factors that influence conflicts. This is even more significant in Africa and other parts of the developing world, where broad-based governance within democratic parameters has not yet taken root and where voting for personalities is still more common than voting for party manifestos."

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by Vasu Gounden


A Conceptual Framework for African Leadership Development
by Jairam Reddy

Reflections on Leadership: From the OAU to the AU
by Tim Murithi

Presidential Term Limits in Africa
by Daniel Vencovsky

Leadership and Dialogue
by Vasu Gounden

African Leadership: The Succeeding Generation’s Challenges and Opportunities
by Ahmed Mohiddin

Leadership and Nation-Building: The Prominence of the Succession Debate and 2010 in the South African Social Imagination
by Justin van der Merwe

Building on the Values of the Past as a Foundation for Sustainable Leadership in African Countries
byYves-Renée Jennings

Preparing Africa’s Future Leaders
by Kwabia Boateng

Qualifying Women’s Leadership in Africa
by Kemi Ogunsanya

Book Review

Very Brave or Very Foolish? Memoirs of an African Democrat
by Tor Sellström