Conflict Trends 2005/1


Building Peace in Africa

"Is this the African Continent once again being plunged into chaos or are we finally witnessing a change towards democratic governance, peace and stability? What will the media show the rest of the world? The dead bodies of the peacekeepers or the
jubilant faces of war wearied Burundians rejoicing at the prospect of finally getting a chance to live in peace?"

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Vasu Gounden


Reforming the World Trade, Aid and Security System
Cedric de Coning

The Reflection on Peace Agreements in Africa
Paul-Henri Bischoff

Conditions for Peace: The State, Private Sector and Civil Society
Vasu Gounden

Building Peace in Angola
Michael Comerford

Women, Peace Processes and Peacekeeping Operations: A Conflict Management Perspective
Maddalena Pezzotti

Small Arms Proliferation: A Major Challenge for Post-Conflict Peace Building in Africa
Njunga Mulikita


Understanding the Conflict in Côte d’Ivoire
Thomas Jaye

An Update on Burundi’s Fragile Peace Process
Jamila El Abdellaoui


Voter Education in Malawi
Christian Peters-Berries

Electoral Observation
Ilona Tip


Draft of the Southern African Action Agenda: Global Partnership for the Prevention
of Armed Conflict

Book Review

Between Democracy and Terror: The Sierra Leone Civil War
Kemi Ogunsanya