Conflict Trends 2004/2


Focus on Peacekeeping

"This special edition of Conflict Trends is dedicated to giving an overview of peacekeeping in Africa. It explores peacekeeping from a global United Nations and African perspective, and examines various African case studies. It is our hope that it will contribute to the debate on the role and function of peacekeeping on the Continent."

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by Vasu Gounden


Where US Unilateralism Meets UN-centred Multilateralism
Ramesh Thakur

The African Mission in Burundi: Lessons Learned from the First African Union Peacekeeping Operation
Festus Agoagye

The Gender Perspective as Deterrent to Spoilers: The Sierra Leone Experience
Desmond Molloy

Refining the African Standby Force Concept
Cedric de Coning

African Regional Organisations' Peacekeeping Experiences and Capabilities
Eric Berman

Democracy and Conflict Management: The Media in Malawi
McHenry Makwelero


Rwanda: Finding the Path Forward
Sara Svensson

United Nations Peacekeeping Missions

  • Sierra Leone
  • DRC
  • Liberia
  • Cote d'Ivoire
  • Burundi
  • Sudan

Tshiliso Molukanele, Graydon Ridd & Jamila el Abdellaiou

Book Review

Peace in Africa: Towards a Collaborative Security Regime
Edited by S. Field
Reviewed by Britt de Klerk