Conflict Trends 2002/2


Focus on Refugees

"The challenges that we face, both individually and collectively, to make this twenty-first century an African century are immense... This special issue of Conflict Trends represents such a strategic partnership between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the African Union, and ACCORD. We hope that in igniting a constructive debate it contributes in some small way to help alleviate the plight of refugees generally, and the African refugee in particular."

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Authors: Gounden, Vasu

Authors: Essy, Amara; Lubbers


Constitutional and political trends
Authors: Nantulya, Paul E.

Impact of African refugees on development : why the silence on their contribution?
Authors: Oucho, John O

Africa's refugees : patterns, problems and policy challenges
Authors: Crisp, Jeff

A plea for refugees and displaced persons, made within the context of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)
Authors: Diagne, Khassim

Problems of African Refugee Law : an agenda for reform
Authors: Mulugeta, Allehone

Interview with Mr David Lambo
Authors: Ngubane, Senzo

Creating the space for peace: Vasu Gounden, Executive Director of ACCORD interviews Mark Shuttleworth, Africa's first astronaut, at the World Economic Forum, Durban, 6 June 2002
Authors: Gounden, Vasu

The State of the World's Refugees: Fifty Years of Humanitarian Action, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: book review
Authors: Solomon, Hussein