Conflict Trends 2003/1


Focus on Democratisation

"The twentieth century was not kind to Africa... regional conflicts wreaking havoc across the continent cast a deep shadow over the prospects of success of the vision of the African Renaissance … it is wrong to think that all conflicts should be resolved through the barrel of the gun. Political solutions should be explored at all times."

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Authors: Solomon, Hussein; Ngubane, Senzo


Poll watching, peacekeeping & 'good governance' in Africa: forward look
Authors: Mulikita, Njunga-Michael

The politics of economic regionalism : Sierra Leone in ECOWAS, by David J. Francis: book review
Authors: Ngubane, Senzo

Civil-military coordination : an operational requirement for the effective management of peace missions
Authors: Mngqibisa, Kwezi

Constitutional democracy in Africa
Authors: Napier, Clive J.

Content counts : democracy and development in Africa
Authors: Stols, Cornelia

Museveni and Uganda's struggle for democracy
Authors: Nyago, Kintu

Navigating the post-conflict terrain : civil society in Angola
Authors: De Klerk, Britt

Traditional perspectives of democratisation in Africa
Authors: Malan, Jannie

Transition to democracy in Africa: no easy challenges
Authors: Liebenberg, Ian