Conflict Trends 2003/3


Focus on Democracy

"This special edition of Conflict Trends, on women, peace and security, seeks to illustrate and analyse these issues and stimulate debate on the continent regarding the positive contribution that women make on peace and security issues."

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Authors: Gounden, Vasu

Authors: Heyzer, Noeleen


Current discourse on the role of women in conflict prevention and conflict transformation: a critique
Authors: Vincent, Louise

The elusive role of women in early warning and conflict prevention
Authors: Hill, Felicity

The untapped resource: women in peace negotiations
Authors: Anderlini, Sanam Naraghi

Women and peacekeeping
Authors: Puechguirbal, Nadine

Women, men and the struggle to disarm
Authors: Farr, Vanessa

Women, war and peace
Authors: UNIFEM Report

Counting the costs and listing the gains: is the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 responsive to Africa's challenges?
Authors: Magwaza, Thenjiwe

Women waging peace: making women visible
Authors: Amb. Hunt, Swanee & Ogunsanya, Kemi

International criminal justice, conflict & its response to gender based violence
Authors: Baldini, Roberta Maria

Partnering for the protection of refugee women
Authors: Johal, Ramina & McKenna, Megan

Gender mainstreaming in the African Union : from Durban to Maputo
Authors: UNIFEM