Conflict Trends 1998/1


"The 1990s have proved to be exciting and challenging times. Far-reaching developments in technology and phenomenal changes in the global political and economic environment have brought with them new challenges, many not foreseen at the turn of the decade. It is in this context that we launch our magazine. We hope to give the interested observer deeper insight into the many challenges that confront us in Africa. To the many other Africans who share this drama with us, we hope to provide a balanced and objective understanding of our challenges and our numerous yet unrecorded successes at meeting these challenges."

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Vasu Gounden




Conditions for intervention: DRC & Lesotho
Cedric de Coning

Prospects for peace in Northern Uganda
Hussein Solomon

Internet - conflict or co-operation: The information age rolls out special challenges for Africa
Ian Henderson

River dry, mountain high: water security in Southern Africa
Jo-Ansie van Wyk

Justice will help reconciliation in Rwanda
Kingsley Moghalu

Civil War in Guinnea Bissau
Napoleon Abdulai

Book Review

Conflict resolution wisdom from Africa
Alioune Sall & Ambassador Francis Deng