Conflict Trends 1999/2


"There is an old Yoruba proverb which states, 'Not even God is wise enough...' Often proper interpretation of data, such that is available, is jettisoned in favour of the sound-bite effect. The need to eschew such simplistic notions and embrace more holistic understandings of African conflicts is essential if we are to effectively eradicate, or at least minimise, the conflicts afflicting our continent."

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Hussein Solomon

Hussein Solomon


Early warning and ethnic conflict management: Rwanda and Kosovo
Professor Howard Adelman

Globalisations and conflicts in Africa: Prospects for human security development in the new millennium
Timothy Shaw

ECOMOG and sub-regional security in West Africa
Professor Amadu Sesay

Central Africa: Mediating peace where there is none
Claude Kabemba

Conflict Resolution in the Sudan
Korwa Adar

A foreign policy for all? South Africa and the call for an African Renaissance
Professor Paul-Henri Bischoff

The principle of emancipation: Creating capital for conflict resolution
Alison Lazarus

Conflict and conflict resolution in Sierra Leone
Kamar Yousuf


Lessons Learned From Exercise Blue Crane
Cedric de Coning

Conflict Watch & Renaissance Barometer

Conflict Watch
Senzo Ngubane

Renaissance Barometer
Senzo Ngubane

Book Reviews

A peace of Timbuktu: Democratic governance and African peacemaking - by Senzo Ngubane

Protecting Sub-Saharan Africa: The Military Challenge - by Brig. James Machakaire (rtd)