Conflict Trends 2009/1


"It is... refreshing to observe the United States’ (US) new policy commitment to move away from military solutions as a first response, and towards dialogue and political solutions instead... Such efforts must also be complemented by other major global players... This requires that there be a renewed and genuine global commitment to dialogue, including providing financial resources and skilled personnel who are capable of promoting and facilitating dialogue around the world.

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by Vasu Gounden

Resolving Land Disputes in Burundi
by Jenny Theron

Effectively Confronting a Regional Threat: Somali Piracy
by Brian Wilson

The Challenges of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Africa
by Rachel Stohl and Doug Tuttle

Explaining the December 2008 Military Coup d’État in Guinea
by Issaka K. Souaré

Migration and Xenophobia in South Africa
by Christy McConnell

Reconciliation, Truth and Justice: Confronting the Dilemmas
by Tendaiwo Peter Maregere

Questioning Reintegration Processes in Northern Uganda
by Grace Maina

Book Review

The Resolution of African Conflicts: The Management of Conflict Resolution and Post-conflict Reconstruction
by Sadiki Koko