Conflict Trends 2010/1

ACCORD Conflict Trends 2010/1

"...We have to strive to build a set of normative rules and values and generate the collective political will of the people of Africa to hold our public officials accountable for the negative consequences of these unconstitutional changes. We must address both the manifestation of the problem and the cause if we are to move Africa forward."

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by Vasu Gounden


The Emerging UN/AU Peacekeeping Partnership
by Cedric de Coning

Community Reintegration Models for Ex-militias: Lessons for the Niger Delta and other divided societies
by Don John Omale

Zimbabwe’s Illusive National Healing and Reconciliation Processes: From Independence to the Inclusive Government 1980 – 2009 by Terence M Mashingaidze

A Delta of a Minefield: Oil Resource Conflict and the Politics of Amnesty in Nigeria
by Agaptus Nwozor

Federalism and Conflicts in Ethiopia
by Mehari Taddele Maru

Post-war Security Sector Reform in Liberia: Development and Challenges
by Ibrahim Al-Bakri Nyei

Book Review

The Media and Conflicts in Central Africa
by Paulo Nuno Vicente