Conflict Trends 2010/2

ACCORD Conflict Trends 2010/1

"In order to strengthen the civilian capacity in peacekeeping operations, it is essential to understand better the evolution and role of civilians within peacekeeping operations... By providing a reflection on the very nature of the civilian dimension of peacekeeping and acknowledging that it is still a largely unexplored field, TfP/ACCORD aims to present new perspectives that contribute meaningfully to enhancing peacekeeping research and field practice."

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by Vasu Gounden


The Significant Role of Civilians in Peacekeeping Operations
by Gustavo de Carvalho and Zinurine Alghali

Addressing the Civilian Peacekeeping Capacity Gap
by Cedric de Coning

The Role of AMISOM’s Civilian Component
by Lamii Kromah

The Role of Civil Affairs in United Nations Peacekeeping
by Gustavo de Carvalho

The Civilian Dimension of the African Standby Force: Assessing Progress and Identifying Gaps
by Zinurine Alghali

Fact File

The Current Status of the Civilian Dimension of the African Standby Force
by Zinurine Alghali

Civilian Peacekeepers Share their Experiences
Compiled by Gustavo de Carvalho, Tamara J.Kirkwood and Bhavya Jeena


Ambassador Daudi Ngelautwa Mwakawago
by Tamara J. Kirkwood