Conflict Trends 2012/1

ACCORD Conflict Trends 2012/1

ACCORD is 20 years old this year. Have we succeeded in our mission? The answer is a resounding YES! Our experience has taught us that Africa's conflicts are complex, multi-faceted social phenomena that require skilled interventions and political will. Our response is therefore not complacency but a renewed determination to examine our efforts, assess our successes and failures, examine our context to understand the nature of the societies we engage with and consequently grasp how these conflicts will manifest themselves. We are fully committed to redoubling our efforts at capacity building and developing new and innovative solutions for our continent and globally. To achieve these goals we embrace a new African consciousness that renders us responsible and accountable for the challenges that our continent faces.

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by Vasu Gounden


Assessing the African Union's Response to the Libyan Crisis
by Sadiki Koko and Martha Bakwesegha-Osula

Emergent Conflict Resolution at Sea off Africa
by Francois Vreÿ

Morocco's Equity and Reconciliation Commission: A New Paradigm for Transitional Justice
by Catherine Skroch

Crowdsourcing as a Tool in Conflict Prevention
by Anne Kahl, Christy McConnell and William Tsuma

The Boko Haram Uprising and Insecurity in Nigeria: Intelligence Failure or Bad Governance?
by Odomovo S. Afeno

Unclear Criteria for Statehood and its Implications for Peace and Stability In Africa
by Abebe Aynete

A Critical Analysis of Cultural Explanations for the Violence in Jonglei State, South Sudan
by Øystein H. Rolandsen and Ingrid Marie Breidlid