“We at the DRC facilitation remain eternally grateful for the tremendous assistance you have given us in trying to bring peace to that country, so it is with great pleasure that I offer you my support for your venture

“I wish, from the bottom of my heart, to thank the Trustees and Management of ACCORD for the honour bestowed on me. […] The principles underpinning ACCORD’s operations are the very ideals for which humanity has striven for centuries

“I wish to seize this opportunity to commend ACCORD for having instituted the Africa Peace Award in 1993 to recognize those communities, institutions or individuals who make concrete contributions to the peaceful resolution of conflicts. 

“This is to thank you for sending me the latest edition of [the African Journal on Conflict Resolution] and say how useful I find it, not only as one who has lived and worked in Africa, but particularly in my capacity as chairman of the Refugee Appeals Tribunal

“I am acknowledging receipt of the Conflict Trends issue on Peace Agreements in Africa, which I find extraordinary. Thanks.

“It was the first time we had a co-arranger. Our partner, ACCORD, was in on every aspect of the programme, from the initial planning of the course and throughout its execution.

“Joseph Injani […] is currently the Civil Affairs Officer in charge of the UN Mission in the DRC (MONUC) and normally heads up the Civil Affairs Office of MONUC in Goma. […] [He] was trained by the African Civil-Military Coordination (ACMC) Programme at ACCORD.

“Several years ago a man named Commander James Kok attended a training/study tour hosted by ACCORD. […] During his time in Cape Town and Durban he learned about peace-making, negotiations, peace-building, reconciliation and a host of other skills offered by ACCORD.