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African Standby Capacity Roster Senior Programme Officer

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Based: Durban, South Africa
Closing date: Monday, 21 September 2020 @17:00pm (South African Time)
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

Role description

1. Strategic advisory services

  • Provide guidance on all HR and roster management matters along established HR rules and regulations, recruitment and selection procedures and quality standards;
  • Assist the CLIENT with the drafting of HR or administrative procedures and/or policies relevant for the recruitment and deployment of civilian personnel;
  • Liaise with other CLIENTS and relevant stakeholders to promote systematic, consistent and coherent roster utilization and application of HR recruitment, selection and deployment standards;
  • Support the development of the African Standby Capacity roster (ASC) related briefings and guidance materials for different target groups, partners and experts.

2. Operational and technical support

  • Maintain and improve the technical infrastructure of the ASC project, in particular the ASC database, and take the lead in coordinating database-related technical/functional issues with IT-service provider, including the continuous testing, monitoring and refining of functionalities for improved access, usability and stability;
  • Maintain and further develop the ASC website, update and refine its content and advocate for coherent integration with other (social media) communication channels in close coordination with the CLIENT and other ASC stakeholders;
  • Monitor ongoing project activities to identify capacity or resource gaps and develop strategies to close those gaps;
  • Support project partners to attain rostering goals while advocating for operational sustainability and recruitment procedures in line with ASC standards.

3. Capacity building

  • Plan, conduct and participate in induction workshops, workforce planning exercises and other relevant capacity building or training activities, as requested;
  • Develop and offer training support in areas such as human resources management, roster system and its management, ASC database integrity and roster quality, project implementation, gender mainstreaming, social media outreach and stakeholder engagement;
  • Maintain and update all relevant capacity building and guidance documentation, incl. Selection Guidelines Manual, Database Manual for Roster Members, Manual for Desk Officers and other relevant documents;
  • Engage in systematic information sharing and knowledge management.

4. External relations

  • Engage in outreach, stakeholder coordination and partnership-building activities with the CLIENT, African Regional Economic Communities and Regional Mechanisms and other partners such as member states, training centers, media outlets, civil society actors including youth and womens groups;
  • Develop and disseminate content for, and on ASC’s, social media channels (in close coordination with the CLIENT and other ASC stakeholders;
  • Monitor and regularly report on progress and utilization of ASC roster;
  • Organize events and develop, initiate and lead the drafting of communication materials such as case studies, analyses and other materials in order to promote the role of ASC, its mechanisms, successes, challenges, recommendations, and deployment statistics.

5. Gender mainstreaming

  • Monitor and document progress and develop recommendations for improving gender awareness and how the number of female roster applicants and members can be increased, including developing strategies to further mainstream gender-conscious decision-making into the planning stages within the ASC project;
  • Develop content featuring women in peace support operations, such as brochures, reports, case studies, calendars, posters video or other material;
  • Develop content aimed to inform (female) applicants about “life in a mission” to do away with prejudices and to deliver a realistic view of working and living in the field.

Core competencies

  • A Bachelor’s degree plus four years relevant work experience, preferably in human resources management in regional or international peace and development, NGO or governmental context;
  • Strong project management skills and proven expertise in HR management, particularly related to recruitment, screening and deployment procedures;
  • Proven track record in developing/facilitating training material and capacity building activities to different target audiences;
  • Proven IT skills and technical understanding of database management and website development;
  • Strong editorial skills to draft, edit and revise coherent and valid policy documents, communication material and other content from/to target groups;
  • Strong diplomatic skills to seek consensus amid diverging stakeholder needs and to mobilize resources, political buy-in and commitment across organizational boundaries;
  • Enthusiasm and strong dedication to advocate for gender mainstreaming and women’s inclusion throughout the ASC project;
  • Relevant experience in utilizing social media channels and in developing relevant media content.

Additional skills and values

  • Experience working in multidisciplinary and/or multicultural environments
  • Ability to work in fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Confidentiality
  • Creativity

How to apply

Please send your letter of motivation and curriculum vitae, including references, with PSO-ASCSPO-ACCORD in the subject line to: by no later than Monday, 21 September 2020 @17:00pm (South African Time).