ACCORD and the African Union Youth for Peace Africa Programme hosted an Inter-generational Dialogue to Explore the Role of Youth in Peace and Security

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ACCORD and the African Union (AU) Youth for Peace Africa Programme (Y4P) hosted an Inter-Generational Dialogue (IGD) on 2 July 2021. The IGD, which took place virtually, promoted dialogue on the AU Continental Framework on Youth, Peace and Security (CFYPS) and its 10-Year Implementation Plan. The CFYPS outlines ways in which the youth can be mobilised to further advocate for peace on the continent, based on the belief that young people are agents of change that are integral to creating a more socio-politically stable present and future.

Dr Rhuks Ako, Senior Analyst within the Political Affairs, Peace and Security Department of the African Union Commission (AUC) moderated the session with ACCORD’s Programme Officer, Ms. Savannah Wilmot. The panellists for the dialogue included, Mr. Elly Kasirye, Ms. Mferekeobong Ukpanah, Mr. Moges Ali, Mrs. Orit Ibrahim, Mr. Saji Prelis, Ms. Sibusisiwe Nkosi and Dr Wale Ismail. The panellists answered a range of questions from both the moderators and the participants on youth, peace and security.

In keeping with ACCORD’s commitment to increasing the role of youth in peace processes, the IGD helped highlight the thinking behind the framework, while examining some key provisions and what they mean for youth, and exploring the implementation plan and the role of young women and men in achieving it.

The dialogue proved to be extremely insightful and provided an optimistic perspective on ways to spread awareness on youth contributions to, and roles within, the implementation of peace and security strategies on the continent. The IGD is the first of a series of IGDs that will further unpack the CFYPS and its role in facilitating the effective and meaningful participation of youth in all spectrums of governance, peace and security.