ACCORD and the Youth for Peace Africa Programme host an Intergenerational Dialogue on youth participation as a priority area of the AU Continental Framework for Youth, Peace and Security

Picture Source: Flickr

On Friday the 6th of August 2021, ACCORD and the AU Youth for Peace Africa Programme (Y4P) hosted an Intergenerational Dialogue (IGD). The IGD, which took place virtually, was aimed at promoting the active participation of young people in peace and security decision-making processes and policy formulation at the national, regional and continental levels, as well as within the overall implementation of the AU Continental Framework for Youth, Peace and Security (CFYPS).

Dr Rhuks Ako, Senior Analyst within the Political Affairs, Peace and Security Department of the African Union Commission (AUC) moderated the session with ACCORD’s Programme Officer, Ms Savannah Wilmot. The panellists included; Prof. Charles Ukeje, Ms. Mfrekeobong Udo Ukpanah, Mr. Moctar Kane, Ms. Nothando Maphalala, Mr. Oita Etyang and Ms. Adey Tamire. The IGD was attended by 123 participants from all over Africa.

The IGD allowed for panellists to reflect on youth mainstreaming in peace and security placing emphasis on the need for the youth to engage with peace processes collaboratively and not competitively. Since youth are not a homogenous group, panellists believed that collaboration amongst young people will strengthen a cohesive peacebuilding project. The IGD also created a space that encouraged both decision-makers and youth to make use of existing international frameworks to promote the active and meaningful participation of youth in peace and security considerations. The need to adapt and localise these frameworks to facilitate locally nuanced implementation was highlighted.

ACCORD continues in its commitment to strengthen local and national capacities for peace and increase the role of youth in the peace processes. The IGD was part of a series of IGDs that will further unpack the CFYPS and its role in facilitating the effective and meaningful involvement of youth in all spectrums of governance, peace and security. Four more IGDs are being planned with the aim of covering each of the remaining overarching priorities identified by the CFYPS.