ACCORD hosts second Knowledge Sharing Session to Strengthen the Capacity of Women-led NGOs & CBOs in South Africa

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Zoom training session

ACCORD held its second knowledge-sharing event on the 10th of August 2021, entitled “Peacemaking – an Artform”. Ms Paska Nyaboth, a South Sudanese Feminist, Social Activist and Entrepreneur who is fascinated by progressive narratives in South Sudan and Africa, shared her wisdom on the subject with the participants. This session, facilitated by ACCORD’s General Manager of programmes, Ms Karishma Rajoo, was designed to provide a space in which participants were able to learn from Ms Nyaboth’s lived experiences and apply them in their various peacebuilding endeavours.

Ms Nyaboth’s personal experience as a local peacebuilder within her community revealed that the reality and practice of peacemaking varies significantly from the theoretical elements she had learnt about. She stressed that within these processes, one deals with several personalities, different ideologies and often, individuals that possess misogynistic or sexist traits. She emphasised the need for women to have courage and stand up for their idea of peace, knowing that they will be contributing to a bigger picture. When asked what keeps her going, Ms Nyaboth stated, “the future will not be the same and that is where I get my courage to continue to foster peace”.

As the session progressed, Ms Nyaboth shared how she navigated around being part of the peacebuilding process as a woman in South Sudan and the lessons gained from these experiences. The main takeaway from her encounters was to be a concerned citizen, work beyond a title, and mobilise as a collective.

Paska Nyaboth left all participants inspired and motivated to participate in peace processes at all levels. ACCORD looks forward to engaging in further sessions that will encourage women’s meaningful participation in all peace processes. Furthermore, ACCORD is grateful to Ms Nyaboth for proving that women can indeed lead and do so with peace.

This program falls within the ACCORD strategy pillar 3: Enhanced Role of Women in Peace Processes, and it is part of the broader Youth, Peace, and Security 2250 agenda.