Intergenerational Dialogue Reflecting on the Continental Framework for Youth, Peace and Security

7 Jul 2022

Youth are not a problem to be solved, but a voice to be heard – Prof. Charles Ukeje

ACCORD and the African Union (AU) Youth for Peace (Y4P) Africa Programme are once again collaborating on an Inter-Generational Dialogue series around the Continental Framework for Youth, Peace and Security (CFYPS). The series will unpack the five cross-cutting issues that impact the effective involvement of youth in all levels of peace and security. The first dialogue in this series was convened on 1 July 2022, via Zoom.

Y4P and ACCORD have collaborated before on issues pertaining to youth during a series of six inter-generational dialogues (IGDs) between July and December 2021. The previous series helped promote dialogue around youth, peace and security (YPS), and popularise and raise awareness of the CFYPS as the normative guide for the effective involvement of youth in peace and security. Having explored and reflected on the overarching priorities of the CFYPS, the current IGD series, will continue to deepen the awareness and encourage the positive contributions that youth can make to peace and security. The key cross-cutting issues that will be examined, include, capacity building; inclusivity; gender mainstreaming; communication; and knowledge management. 

The reflective IGD session that took place on 1 July 2022 revisited the CFYPS in order to provide context for the exploration of the five cross-cutting issues in the dialogues that will follow between August and December 2022. The Panel included Mr. Charles Ukeje, AU Research Consultant, Mr. Oita Etyang, analyst within the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and Ms. Savannah Wilmot, Program Officer at ACCORD. The AU was represented by Mr. Rhuks Ako, Senior Analyst – Political Affairs, Peace and Security Department of the African Union Commission (AUC), as well as Ms. Khouloud Ben Mansour and Ms. Cynthia Chigwenya, both African Youth Ambassadors for Peace (AYAP) representing the North Africa region and the Southern Africa region respectively. ACCORD’s Programme Officer Mr. Adam Randera and YPS expert Ms. Sibu Nkosi co-moderated the event. 

The IGD provided an opportunity to recapture and share some of the key recommendations emerging from the series last year. The inter-generational collaboration focused on the role of elders in creating spaces for the youth and highlighted the abilities of young people in crafting their own destiny.  Older generations are still occupying most of the higher-level positions in governments, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and other decision-making institutions. Multi-generational partnerships can therefore create more space for young people’s voices to be heard and allows for youth mentorship opportunities.  This awareness and change process aims to enable leadership development in the younger generations thus allowing for the diversification of perspectives.

This dialogue series is premised on ACCORD’s Strategic Objective 2, which seeks to enhance the role of youth to prevent, mitigate and resolve complex conflicts. Furthermore, it speaks to the identification of youth as a key constituency when it comes to strengthening the role of multi-dimensional stakeholders to deal with complex conflicts, in line with ACCORD’s Strategic Objective 4.

Article by:

Savannah Wilmot
Programme Officer