Peace Podcast hosts dialogue on youth peacebuilding

On Saturday 24 July 2021, the Peace Podcast streamed its second live dialogue exploring youth’s perspectives on peacebuilding and conflict prevention. The discussion with panellists, Ms. Celeste Diale and Mr. Larry Cooke, shed light on how youth can participate in important peacebuilding discussions; how to prevent conflict; and why young people should take on the responsibility of guiding SA into a peaceful present and future.

Concepts of physical and mental healing, peace and freedom of expression were unpacked during the discussion, particularly in relation to the civil unrest and the continuous cycle of pandemic lockdowns in South Africa. The discussions helped frame the root causes of the unrest in South Africa, while deliberating methods for preventing the reoccurrence of conflict. The conversation helped identify the triggers for the violent outbreak, that includes the high level of unemployment, poverty, racial tensions and socioeconomic divides.

Main recommendations from the session included, engaging with the mechanisms for conflict prevention offered by the AU Continental Framework for Youth, Peace and Security (CFYPS) and DIRCO’s South African National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security. Other recommendations involved indigenous practices of peacebuilding and formulating ways to implement comprehensive documents on peace and security, such as the CFYPS, that ensures the voice of the youth is heard.

The dialogue encapsulates ACCORD’s strategic pillar 4, which speaks to an increased role of youth in peace processes. The need for youth engagement and participation in all spectrums of peace and security at national, regional and continental levels is progressively being recognised.

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