Evette Simpson


Evette Simpson is ACCORD’s frontline receptionist extraordinaire. Evette joined ACCORD April 1st 2010 amidst painters, electricians and Africa Peace Award drama. Despite the constant upheaval she remains upbeat and eager to get on with whatever new dilemma comes her way. Her duties include overseeing the reception, welcoming visitors, operating the switchboard, screening and redirecting calls, taking down messages and helping others where necessary to lighten their load.

Evette has 20 odd years experience working as a frontline receptionist; combining her duties in general administrative activities. She has worked in various companies ranging from corporate to Travel to the Private Sector (working in the electronics division). The NGO environment is very different from her past work experience and she looks forward to facing these challenges head on. She knows she will be very happy working for ACCORD. ‘It is a very diverse and interesting company and I have a lot to learn,’ says Evette.