Rana Naidoo

Independent Senior Travel Consultant

Rana Naidoo is an independent Senior Travel Consultant and has been handling ACCORD’s travel needs for the last 18 years, since 1992. She has been in the Travel Industry for the last 30 years, and selflessly takes care of all ACCORD’s travel needs. She is based at the ACCORD office in Durban and is an in-house Travel Agent. Her agency is aptly named Ubunye Travel, meaning “bringing people together” – keeping in line with the work ACCORD does.

Rana is affectionately known in the office as Auntie Rana. She has been married for 38 years and has a daughter who is 26 years old. She has traveled extensively and hopes to share her knowledge with the travelers at ACCORD. While away from the office, she enjoys quiet moments spent reading, walking and stepping lightly across the ballroom floor.