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    Conflict Trends 1999/1

     31 Dec 1998
    By Hussein Solomon
    Conflict Watch
    Renaissance Barometer
    By Hussein Solomon & James Mackalaire
    Conflict, development & peace in Africa
    Gender perspectives
    By Laketch Dirasse
    Peacekeeping in the DRC
    A new role for the United Nations
    By Cedric de Coning
    The White Paper on South Africa’s participation in Peace Missions
    A unique beginning
    By Cedric de Coning
    Preventing future wars
    State of the art conflict early warning systems
    By Sanam Naraghi AnderliniDavid Nyheim
    Enculturating conflict resolution
    Finding trends for training in Africa
    By Alison Lazarus
    Overcoming the achilles heel of the African Renaissance
    The legacy of the colonial state
    By Hussein Solomon
    A ray of hope: Nigeria on the road to democratic rebirth?
    By Napoleon Abdulai
    Can African businessmen help to prevent conflicts?
    By Francois Misser
    A rural initiative
    By Celeste Fortuin
    Women in sport
    By Alison Lazarus
    Book Review
    Book Review
    Book Review
    Exercise Blue Crane
    A unifying moment for SADC
    By Cedric de Coning
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