Conflict & Resilience Monitor

The Conflict and Resilience Monitor offers monthly blog-size commentary and analysis on the latest conflict-related trends in Africa.

28 Sep 2023

Elections-related instability in Eswatini and Zimbabwe high on SADC agenda

Strengthening Constitutional Changes of Government by Improving the Quality and Integrity of Elections in Africa

The BRICS XV declaration: what it says and what it does not

31 Aug 2023

An expanded BRICS could reset world politics but picking new members isn’t straightforward

Beyond Sanctions and the use of force: How ECOWAS can negotiate a political solution to Niger’s coup

Ethiopia’s Amhara region in turmoil

28 Jul 2023

Africa’s Peace mission to Ukraine & Russia: Towards a strategy of active non-alignment?

Africa’s Quest for Reform of the United Nations Security Council

How Mauritius became Africa’s vanguard in sustaining peace

29 Jun 2023

The Importance of National Action Plans in Advancing Africa’s Youth, Peace and Security Agenda

The UN Security Council and the Future of MINUSMA

Towards more Context-specific, Participatory, and Adaptive Approaches to Conflict Prevention and Sustaining Peace

31 May 2023

Africa’s Digital Gender Divide

Anchoring ECCAS Peace Architecture on Human Security: Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of APSA @20

How Not to Do UN Peacekeeping

30 Mar 2023

Adapting the African Standby Force to Africa’s Evolving Security Landscape

Dialogue as a conflict transformation tool in Cabo Delgado

Latest developments in the transition to a civilian government in Sudan

24 Feb 2023

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Multinational Joint Task Force

Crossroads: The Significance and Prospects of Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Election

Eswatini: the year ahead

22 Dec 2022

A Wave of Democracy in Africa in 2022

Advancing the Climate Security Agenda in the SADC Region

Beyond power-politics: Ethiopia need to pivot to dialogue

27 Oct 2022

Loss and Damage High on the Agenda for COP27 in Egypt

Mapping post-COVID-19 Protest Trends in Africa

Monitoring and Evaluating the WPS Agenda in the SADC Region

22 Sep 2022

African Governments and their international partners need to boost Africa’s resilience to the food insecurity caused by the Ukraine war

Global geopolitical competition hits Africa: Can it maintain its voice?

Regulatory gaps in fisheries governance in Africa: security risks and implications

25 Aug 2022

Africa Must Not Be A Spectator to History

Ending the conflict in Tigray: Negotiations and key issues

MONUSCO’s credibility crisis: The illusion of peace through the international community?

28 Jul 2022

Diplomatic Tensions Between the DRC and Rwanda

How the nomination of the ‘Iron Lady’ has influenced Kenya’s 2022 general elections

The role of SADC in Eswatini: Lessons from Lesotho

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