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The Conflict and Resilience Monitor offers monthly blog-size commentary and analysis on the latest conflict-related trends in Africa.

22 Sep 2021

Africa’s Young People Innovate in the Face of COVID-19

Africa’s Youth: A Hope for the Future

Is There Any COVID-19 Vaccine Production in Africa?

15 Sep 2021

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on migrant remittances in Africa

Leveraging Networked Multilateralism for Effective Peace Support Operations in Africa

People-centred pathways to sustain peace in Cabo Delgado

8 Sep 2021

A renewed discourse on managing inclusive transitions in Africa

China’s Role in COVID-19 in Africa: Tuánjié (Solidarity) or Zhànlüè (Strategy)?

Sino-African cooperation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

1 Sep 2021

South Africa’s vaccine drive hits its stride

The Prospects for a Successful SADC Mission in Mozambique

The SADC Summit: Trade, Industrialisation and COVID-19

25 Aug 2021

#ZambiaDecides2021 What about ZimDecides2023?

Another peaceful election in Africa

The Zambian 2021 general elections overview

11 Aug 2021

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29 Jul 2021

South Africa’s Women’s Peace Table Calls for Peace and Security

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Rights, Protection, and Wellbeing of Children in Situations of Conflicts in Africa

Third wave in Africa: state responses and impacts on state-societal relations

23 Jul 2021

Child Labour, the Mining Sector, and COVID-19 in Central Africa Region: Findings and Possible Actions

Global Vaccine Politics and its impact on Africa – the case of Zimbabwe

Water Resources and Inter-State Conflict: Legal Principles and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

14 Jul 2021

Desecuritizing the Politics of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

South Sudan: From war-torn to Regional Peacemaker

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan: Reflections and Future Priorities

7 Jul 2021

Missed Opportunities for Peace in the First Decade of Independent South Sudan

Socio-political dilemmas faced by Uganda and South Africa in the third wave: The impact of lockdown measures

The Politics of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) – an Ethiopian Perspective

30 Jun 2021

Coping with the third wave, amidst a slow vaccination process and return to lockdown in some African countries

COVID-19 and People on the Move in Africa: The impact of State Responses to the Pandemic on Migrants, Refugees, Asylum-Seekers and Internally Displaced People

Issues and Options for the SADC Standby Force mission in Mozambique

23 Jun 2021

Invoking KK’s ‘One Zambia One Nation’ for peaceful elections in Zambia

The COVID-19 pandemic and the origins debate: when the scientific becomes political

The Fight Against COVID-19 needs Global Co-operation

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