Conflict & Resilience Monitor

The Conflict and Resilience Monitor offers monthly blog-size commentary and analysis on the latest conflict-related trends in Africa.

29 Apr 2021

An overview of the conflict in Cabo Delgado: narratives, causes and strategies on the way forward

Lessons for Cabo Delgado from the African experience in Somalia

Lessons learned from the G5 Sahel Force for Mozambique, SADC and the AU

22 Apr 2021

COVID-19 and School Closures: One year of Education Disruption

COVID-19 and the risks of increasing privatisation of education in Africa

The Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education

14 Apr 2021

Actions taken by the Economic Community of Central African States in response to COVID-19

An overview on the Democratic Republic of Congo in times of COVID-19

Chronicles of Cameroon’s Multidimensional Crisis during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1 Apr 2021

Mediating in a Time of COVID-19

South Sudan’s battle for Democracy

Sudan: Displacement in the context of COVID-19

24 Mar 2021

A critical year ahead for the UN Mission in South Sudan

Climate, Peace and Security: The case of South Sudan

Common but Different: Africa and Europe’s climate responsibilities

17 Mar 2021

Slow Peace, UNMISS’s Impact and COVID-19 in South Sudan

The challenges of confronting COVID-19 amidst fragile peace in South Sudan

The Current COVID-19 Situation in South Sudan

10 Mar 2021

From Crisis to Opportunity – Is Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World Possible?

In South Sudan, Women’s Rights cannot wait for COVID-19 or Peace

International Women’s Day 2021: Empowering Women for an equal AfCFTA

3 Mar 2021

COVID-19 stresses Intra-SADC Trade

COVID-19’s second wave deepens Southern Africa’s rate of poverty and unemployment

Impact of COVID-19 on Economic, Social and State-citizens’ relations in the SADC Region

24 Feb 2021

An African Union Summit held in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and against growing tensions in parts of the continent

Security in Somalia beyond 2021 – the future role of AMISOM and the international community

The Impact of Climate Change on Peace and Security in Somalia: Implications for AMISOM

17 Feb 2021

From National Interest to Global Responsibility: Vaccine Nationalism and the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Making the First Elections Count: Implementing the African Union Institutional Reform Process

The 34th summit of the African Union: COVID-19, New Leadership and Africa’s Arts

10 Feb 2021

COVID-19, Issues of Governance and Mounting Political Unrest in Zambia

Deepening Africa’s Continental Trade & Economic Relations amid COVID-19

The Effect of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Savings Clubs and Lessons for Future Preparedness in Zimbabwe

18 Dec 2020

Enhancing intra-African trade in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

Linking the women, peace and security agenda and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)

The economic impact of coronavirus pushes millions further into hunger

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