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    Conflict Trends 2002/3

     30 Jun 2002
    By Cedric de Coning
    By Vasu Gounden
    Trends in Preventive Action
    By Britt de Klerk
    Trends in Constitutional and Political Developments
    By Paul Nantulya
    United Nations Peacekeeping
    By Jean-Marie Guehenno
    Building Capacity for African Peacekeeping
    An Overview of Peacekeeping Training Centres in Africa
    By Nicky Hay
    Norway’s Role in supporting capacity-building in Africa
    By Jon Bech
    Training Tomorrow’s Peacekeepers Today
    The Peacekeeping Programme at ACCORD
    By Kwezi Mngqibisa
    An interview with the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Kofi Annan
    The United Nations in the Aftermath of the Crisis in Sierra Leone
    By Theo Neethling
    Peacekeeping in Africa
    The Next Decade
    By Cedric De Coning
    Book Review
    Reviewed by Brendan Vickers
    • Sierra Leone
    • Norway
    • Kofi Annan
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