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    Conflict Trends 2004/3

     30 Jun 2004
    By Vasu Gounden
    United States Counter-Terrorism Programmes in Africa
    An Overview
    By Pierre Botha
    The War on Terrorism and Africa’s Peace and Security Agenda
    By Prosper Addo
    Poverty and Terrorism
    The Root Cause Debate
    By Cedric de Coning
    Case Studies
    East Africa: A Haven or Hapless Victim of International Terrorism
    By Karanja Mbugua
    North Africa: Challenging Terrorism in North Africa
    By Faten Aggad
    Verbatim: Focus on Terrorism
    Managing Conflict in the Century of Extremes
    By Senzo Ngubane
    Sudan: The Challenge of Darfur
    By Paul NantulyaBritt de Klerk
    Book Review
    Reviewed by Senzo Ngubane
    • USA
    • Terrorism
    • Sudan
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