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    Conflict Trends 2005/3

     30 Jun 2005
    By Vasu Gounden
    Responses to Displacement in Africa
    The Irrelevance of Best Practice
    By Jean Pierre Misago & Loren Landau
    In Search of Solutions
    Advancing Refugee Protection in Twenty-first Century Africa
    By Nyaradzo Machingambi
    Protecting the Vulnerable
    The Case of Displaced Women in Africa
    By Harriette Williams
    Transient Spaces
    The Fluidity of Urban Life and its Impact on Governance in African Cities
    By Caroline Kihato
    Fact File
    People of Concern to UNHCR
    Case Studies
    ‘This Place is my Home’: Mozambican Refugees become Citizens of South Africa
    By Tara Polzer
    ‘Zambia Initiative (ZI)’: Refugees are not a Burden but an Asset
    By Tamba Amara
    Etsha Basket Weavers Fully Integrated: Angolan Refugees in Botswana
    By Melita Sunjic
    War and Peace in the Sudan: UNHCR’s Role
    By Milton Moreno
    Repatriation, Reintegration and Reconciliation: The Case of Burundi
    By Jamila el Abdellaoui
    The African Union’s Institutional Framework for Responding to Forced Displacement in Africa
    Policy Review
    Reviewed by Patrick Tigere & Rita Amukhobu
    Book Review
    Reviewed by Melita Sunjic
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