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    Conflict Trends 2006/2

     1 Apr 2006
    By Vasu Gounden
    Constitutional Democracy and Constitutionalism in Africa
    By Andre Mbata Mangu
    Local Governance and Constitutional Democracy
    Comparative Insights from Lesotho and South Africa
    By Victor Shale
    Women and Elections in African Politics
    By Kemi Ogunsanya
    Post Conflict Elections and Democracy
    A Comparative Analysis of the Mozambique and Angolan Elections
    By Tony Karbo & Martha Mutisi
    The Constitutional Referendum in the DRC
    By Dieudonne Tshiyoyo
    Electoral Reforms
    Managing Electoral Conflict in Zambia
    By Peter Tendaiwo Maregere & Brenda Mofya
    Benchmarks for Credible Elections in the SADC Region
    By Kemi Ogunsanya
    The Role of the Media in the DRC Elections
    Beyond the ‘Watchdog’ Frontier
    By Ufo Okeke Uzodike & Ayo Whetho
    Post Election Reconstruction in Liberia
    The Challenges of Security Sector Reform
    By J. Shola Omtola
    Situation Reports
    Democratic Republic of Congo
    Union of Comoros
    Managing African Conflict in Southern Africa
    Programme Review
    Reviewed by Kemi Ogunsanya
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