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    Conflict Trends 2011/2

     18 Jul 2011
    By Vasu Gounden
    Climate Change–Conflict Nexus
    Framework for Policy-oriented Action
    By William Tsuma
    Climate Conflicts in the Horn of Africa?
    By Marcel Leroy & Fana Gebresenbet
    Transboundary Rivers and Climate Change
    African and Asian Rivers
    By Ashok Swain & Florian Krampe
    Key Social Vulnerabilities to Climate Change in South Africa’s Coastal Zones
    The Potential for Conflict
    By Fathima Ahmed
    Addressing Climate-related Conflict
    Human Security and Lessons from the Southern Sahelian Belt of Sudan
    By Salomé Bronkhorst
    Addressing Charcoal Production, Environmental Degradation and Communal Violence in Somalia
    The Use of Solar Cookers in Bander Beyla
    By Shukria Dini
    Collusion and Criminalisation
    Fuel Conflict in the Niger Delta
    By Melissa Cawthra
    Climate Change in Africa
    By Maxwell G. Hardy
    • Sudan
    • Somalia
    • Environmentalism
    • Climate change
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