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    Conflict Trends 2012/3

     6 Sep 2012
    By Vasu Gounden
    ACCORD at Twenty Years
    By Vasu Gounden & Daniel Forti
    Bridging the Gap
    Conflict Resolution Practice and Research at ACCORD
    By Lesley Connolly
    ACCORD’s Peacemaking Work in Africa
    Mediation Support Initiatives
    By Martha Mutisi
    An Overview of Peacekeeping in Africa in the Past Twenty Years
    By Zinurine Alghali & Priyal Singh
    Effective Peacebuilding Tools
    Study Tours at ACCORD
    By Gustavo de Carvalho
    The Path to Peace Consolidation
    By Karishma Rajoo
    Fact Files
    Sierra Leone
    By Lesley Connolly
    The Democratic Republic of the Congo
    By John Ahere
    By Luckystar Miyandazi
    Sudan and South Sudan
    By Anyway Sithole
    • Sudan
    • South Sudan
    • Somalia
    • Sierra Leone
    • DRC
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