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In the News: Monday, 24 August 2020

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Centre for Mediation to be set up at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Source: Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In the past ten years, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has consistently strengthened the position of mediation at international and national levels. In accordance with the Government Programme, mediation is one of the most important priorities in Finland’s foreign policy. To boost the implementation of the objective, Minister for Foreign Affairs Haavisto has decided to set up a Centre for Mediation under the administration of the Ministry’s Political Department.

The Centre aims to strengthen Finland’s expertise and capacity in mediation matters, to coordinate the activities of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in a more systematic manner as well as to coordinate collaboration with other actors.  Mediation requires broad cooperation at several levels, including between states, international and other organisations, more informal actors and grassroots actors.

Read the full story here.

From where I stand: “I believe that violence against women is never okay. I do all I can to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Source: UN Women

Shila Ale is a well-recognized woman human rights defender from Barahathawa Municipality, Province 2, Nepal. As member of Respect Nepal, a grassroots women’s organization (GWO), she has been working relentlessly to strengthen access to justice for women and excluded groups.

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From Where I Stand: “I Empower Women Who Survived Violence to Stand Up for Their Rights. This is My Job. My Dream Job” – Khatera’s story, psychologist in rural Afghanistan

Source: UN Women

Khatera Akhgar, 26, always stood up for her rights in her conservative community in Afghanistan. Now she is helping other women heal from the psychological impact of gender-based violence. Her journey as an advocate for gender equality started at home, where she was treated differently because she was a girl and could not understand why. Ms. Akhgar is a psychologist at a UN Women-supported protection center that provides life-saving support to women survivors of violence. She provides individual counselling, and group therapy. She believes that building women’s confidence and self-esteem is the key to creating strong communities.

Read her story here.