Women, Peace & Security

Report published: Twenty Years of WPS National Action Plans: Analysis and Lessons Learned

The University of Sydney in Australia published a new report titled Twenty Years of Women, Peace and Security National Action Plans: Analysis and Lessons Learned which was authored by Caitlin Hamilton, Nyibeni Naam and Laura J. Shepherd.

In the paper, they use both qualitative and quantitative analysis to answer the following research questions:

  1. Which pillar(s) of the NAPs are dominant? Is this changing over time?
  2. What are the dominant categories of lead, including over time and by region?
  3. To what extent are new and/or emerging security issues – such as terrorism, climate change and reproductive rights – represented in the NAPs?
  4. To what extent is a budget specified in the NAPs?
  5. To what extent do the NAPs contain provisions for monitoring and evaluation activities?
  6. 6. To what extent do the NAPs document the participation of civil society in production and implementation?

They conclude briefly with a discussion of the insights drawn from the analysis and some considerations and recommendations for future NAP development.

Read the full report here.